The Organization's Mission

To support and be in solidarity with human rights defenders in their struggles for the protection and realization of human rights consistent with universal human rights principles, instruments, and standards.

The organization's vision

Strengthened communities that uphold the sanctity of life and human dignity where people live in peace and prosperity safeguarded by continues vigilance and collective action.

The organization's main areas of work

Provision of direct services to human rights defenders such as sanctuary, medical, legal, and emergency response. These services will be augmented by the strengthening ecumenical Church-based human rights programs and faith-based rights engaging organizations being done through human rights education and sustained human rights solidarity and cooperation.

The organization's beneficiaries

Human rights defenders in the Philippines coming from different sectors such as from farmers, workers, urban poor, indigenous peoples, and those working and serving in human rights organizations and watchdogs.

The program is currently focused in the provinces and cities within South-Central Luzon, with limited expansion to other provinces where threats against faith-based defenders are high and from where IFI human rights defenders are in particular need of human rights protection.