Training and Education for Human Rights Actions

To effectively understand and respond to the needs of HRDs-in-danger, new faith-based human rights defenders must also grown in number and capacity. Thus, education and training on human rights work, paralegal knowledge, peace advocacy and other campaigns and organizational development are offered to clergy and lay people and other partner organizations.

Advocacy and Networking

To amplify the situation of HRDs and the communities they belong to and work with, RPRD and its faith-based partner organizations and HRDs engages themselves with advocacies and campaigns. Recent priority engagements include advocacy and campaigns on the forced evacuation of cultural minorities and indigenous communities among the Lumad people, the resumption of the peace negotiations, extrajudicial killings and impunity around the government’s war on drugs, and the release of IFI Bishop Carlo Morales from illegal detention and other political prisoners.

Sanctuary, Medical, Emergency, Legal and Livelihood Services

The Church, declaring her building and other edifices, as sanctuaries and zones of peace, provides temporary shelter and support to human rights defenders (HRD) who are in danger and in other distressed situation to help build and main an enabling environment for their human rights work. These services are available to those who work or do, whether part-time or full-time, political or non-political, paid or voluntary, for the cause of human rights, who in the course of their work are faced with threats to their lives and security, harassments and persecution.